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Compost and Gardens

In our attempt to reduce waste to landfill we have started our own compost area. We get through a lot of vegetable peelings, skins, stalks and eggshells in the kitchen which is great stuff to add to a compost heap, along with coffee grounds and cardboard galore. Once this has done it’s stuff the resulting nutrient filled compost can be used in the planters or on the beds in the park.

Grow Lewisham, a local community garden, also use some of the copious amounts of cardboard that we get through to create ‘No Dig’ beds and on their compost heap plus some coffee grounds but we still have masses of cardboard that we can give to other community gardens or allotments. Let us know if you want any.

A couple of us went to visit Grow Lewisham recently on an open day and it was really inspiring to see a group of people rekindle a disused plot with sustainable practices in mind. They are hoping to develop a thriving food growing space based on permaculture methods which connects the community through growing, education and workshops. We hope to be able to continue supporting them as they go forward.


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