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Sustainability matters to us as it does to everyone. We feel so lucky to be located in Beckenham Place Park. In this beautiful setting with nature all around us as a glorious reminder, we are busy working on number of initiatives to consider the use of valuable resources, to reduce waste and to be a sustainable business.

Be part of the change.

We are running trials supported by the Mayor of London to reduce single use packaging and waste.

We now have reusable cups and plates. Let us know if you would rather use takeaway. Please take reusables to the return point when you finish.


This week

We will count numbers of reusables used and returned to keep track of how we are doing with the scheme. Check back soon!


take away cup character


Takeaway  /  Reusable (%)


Reusable cups returned  /  Lost (%)


take away beer glass character

53 / 47

Reusable cups returned  /  Lost (%)


Pizza boxes character

27 / 73

Takeaway  /  Reusable (%)

- /  

Reusable plates returned  /  Lost (%)

ReLondon and the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal

The Homestead Café was successful in receiving a grant from the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal and project support from ReLondon’s business transformation programme. The combined project aims to reduce waste and encourage progress towards a circular economy in London.


Homestead Café analysed the waste and CO₂ emissions produced from selling packaged food and drink in the park. Different options were considered to reduce the waste such as installing a biodigester and using a commercial cup deposit scheme. In each case the environmental and operational impacts were assessed.

Reusable packaging

The analysis determined that reusable packaging offers low CO₂ emissions if the packaging is REUSED MULTIPLE TIMES and can be CLEANED ONSITE.


We believe our customers feel as strongly as we do about the environment and will enjoy the benefits of a park with less takeaway packaging and waste collection vehicles.


To begin the initiative we are introducing reusable CUPS and PLATES, the objectives are to:

  • have as many customers as possible opt for reusable packaging;

  • have high recovery rates of the reusable packaging;

  • have low associated CO₂ emissions, and

  • be a viable cost or better, reduce the cost for everyone.


Washing facilities

We have allocated space to use for washing facilities. These facilities will enable greater volumes of reusable packaging to be professionally cleaned and put promptly back in circulation.

Our customers play an important role

A trial of reusable packaging, starting with CUPS and PLATES is underway and will be based on TRUST rather than using a deposit scheme. By not using a deposit scheme we believe it will save time for customers as there will be no need to download any Apps or wait for a deposit refund.

Collection points

The collection points for the cups and plates will be conveniently located in the courtyard. Customers are asked to return the packaging to the collection points after use. For the majority who consume their food and drink in or near the courtyard, this will be very straightforward.

Return rates

Each week we will record and display the reusable packaging return rates. The numbers will be published on these pages and in the courtyard so everyone can see the rates of single use cups and pizza boxes have been avoided and the percentage of reusable cups and plates that have been returned. These figures are prepared on MONDAY each week so please ensure all reusable cups have been returned by then to be included in the count!

Single use cups

The takeaway cups we use are paper with a PLA (plant based) lining and are biodegradable (supplied by Decent Packaging ). Further, these particular takeaway cups have a high proportion of recycled paper content.


If a used takeaway cup is placed in the GENERAL waste bin then it will be collected by Lewisham Council and incinerated at SELCHP (South East London Combined Heat and Power) in New Cross. Takeaway cups are not recyclable and therefore, the cup should be disposed of in a litter/refuse bin. If the cup is placed in a Lewisham recycling bin in error, it could contaminate other previously viable recyclable items.


The problem with paper is that it can only be recycled a certain number of times and will need virgin fibre in a its construction in the long run. Each cup has to be manufactured and delivered to the café for use – just once – it is still SINGLE USE.

Reusable packaging

Ultimately reusable cups are better for the environment. We are working with Circular & Co and Green Goblet to supply our reusable cups. In time we plan to introduce other reusable packaging into the scheme such as reusable pizza and food boxes.

Other businesses in Beckenham Place Park

The overall aim is to fully test the reusable scheme to meet all the objectives and is scalable. We work closely with other businesses in the park and Lewisham Council and will share our information with them. In due course we would love to be able to join together and form a park wide scheme.

We are proud to play our part for a positive future and love that our customers help to reduce CO₂ emissions and the move away from single use packaging and waste.

Did you know….?

We do not charge for non-dairy milk such at oat and pea milk

  • we bank with Triodos one of the top ethical banks in the UK if not the world
  • we are part of the 1% for the Planet scheme, donating 1% of all profits to the initiative,

  • our energy fuel mix is all renewable

  • we try to use B-Corp (The UK B Corporation Movement) companies and suppliers wherever possible,

  • our beers are from local suppliers and breweries within a 7-mile radius

  • our coffee is from Square Mile, London roasters who are leading the way in sustainably sourced and ethically produced coffee.

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